Tempranillo Ranch

To carry out Tempranillo’s passion for locally-sourced meat and produce, Javier and Laura embarked to make their Missouri Heights Ranch a productive farm raising chickens, pigs and cattle as well as seasonal organic vegetables. During the summer months, fresh herbs are grown on Tempranillo’s grounds and local produce is sourced from the farmers’ market to create authentic dishes with a rich depth of flavors.

Inspired by the quality of meat from Rock Bottom Ranch’s stock, they currently raise free range British Black large pigs and are cross breeding with Berkshire hogs. They also raise free range chickens and grass-fed Black Angus herefords. In the future they will add rabbits. Rabbit meat is tender, healthy and low in cholesterol and makes a fine addition to Tempranillo’s expansive menu of locally raised ingredients.

Javier travels back to Spain annually to add to the wide mix of ingredients and flavors to the Tempranillo menu. Tempranillo Ranch affords the opportunity to integrate these flavors from a local setting.